You don’t know what you’re capable of until you work with Adam.
— Sébastien Heins, Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera
Adam Lazarus is a gifted instructor with a sharp wit and keen theatrical eye. He never lets student’s off the hook; rather, he pushes students toward higher potentials and cultivates rigor, playfulness and curiosity in the studio. I’ve seen electric, unforgettable performances from emerging actors under Adam’s guidance. Jump at the chance to study with Adam; it will unleash something inside you as a theatre-maker and citizen of this world that will feel deeply pleasurable, slightly uncomfortable and and of this immediate moment.
— Quinn Bauriedel, Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre
What’s wrong?
Can’t find your performance mojo?
Wanna wow them but somehow remain cool?

Go see Dr. Adam Lazarus for immediate results.
He is the disciple of Pleasure and the destroyer of Boredom.
— Andrew Whiteman, Broken Social Scene/Apostle of Hustle
I had no idea when I took Bouffon with Adam how often I would return to the discoveries I made in my other work. It was dark, risky, courageous, political, enlightening fun. It remains some of the scariest and rewarding training I’ve done. I am surprised by how many lessons I learned and carried with me about taking responsibility for your own risks, about working with and safely pushing the boundaries of authority, about entering into actual drama, actual conflict, from a place of mutual generosity and adventure and about a sense of community that can instantly build when everyone’s egos are on the line.

Adam’s love of humanity in all its vast complexity is at the core of his leadership, and that is what theatre has too, when it is at its best. Go play with him. You won’t regret it and you won’t forget it.
— Maev Beaty, Actor/Playwright
Adams class scared me the most because it pushed me the most. His teachings of daring to fail and discover has really molded how I approach my work as an artist today. Adam is Da-Bomb!
— Sam Wan, Actor/Filmmaker
I had always wanted to create my own theatre, with stories and content that mattered to me. Working with Adam gave me a new perspective of how to build and create stories. He helped me sculpt and shape incomplete ideas and to see my potential as a creator. Its an experience that has now given me the confidence to create my own work.
— Tasha Mumba, Actor at Shaw Festival
Adam Lazarus is daring, innovative and exciting, pushing his actors to go beyond anything they would have ever imagined for themselves. His character creation tools and techniques are edgy and outrageous. Adam truly is one of this country’s most explicit artists.
— Sandra Batagglini, Award-Winning Actor and Comedian
Adam forced me to trust and listen to my emerging process, to get out of my own way, and to dig deeper in order to find the rigour, the sweat and tears, the deeply rooted discipline (even within reckless abandon) required to reach a new state on the stage.

Adam creates a space that is somehow both safe and dangerous, unpredictable….and capable of facilitating dramatic breakthroughs. Whether you are a creator or a performer I recommend giving yourself the opportunity to dive into the mad world of Adam Lazarus.
— Jesse Stong, Playwright
Adam broke down whatever barriers, or voices in my head, that kept my outrageous ideas from erupting. He is a master at finding that thing that makes you strange and fantastic and helps you to translate that into a spectacle for the world to see.
— Phil Luzi, Actor/Comedian
Adam works as a machete, cutting through the overgrowth of ideas, thoughts, needs and artistic sentiments, revealing the path. He will push you on a journey that will show you things you never considered and give keen insight into what you are trying to create.
— Jesse Buck, Cirque Du Soleil Clown